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USBee Protolyzer
Prototype Analyzing System

Electronic Prototyping with Built-In Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Protocol Analyzers and More!

USBee Protolyzer

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Welcome to the world of the USBee Protolyzer – Electronic Prototyping with Built-In Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, Protocol Analyzers and more! The USBee Protolyzer combines state of the art electronic prototyping development components with a complete range of digital and analog test equipment in a single PC-based USB connected device.


Focus on designing your next greatest invention. When it’s time to turn on the power, strap it to the USBee Protolyzer to have all the tools necessary to bring up your board, validate your design and analyze your systems performance. View your embedded firmware in action and monitor your bus protocols as never before. Combined with the USBee Suite, the USBee Protolyzer gives you the power to create!

With a single USB connection to your laptop or PC, the USBee Protolyzer gives you the power to design, prototype, test, and validate your mixed signal electronic designs with seamless ease.

Built around the popular, award-winning USBee AX and DX mixed signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Signal Generator, and Protocol Analyzers, the USBee Protolyzer takes full advantage of the powerful debug capabilities of the USBee Suite software to solve your problems fast!

The USBee Protolyzer comes in two versions: the USBee AX Protolyzer and the USBee DX Protolyzer.

Protolyzer Features:

The picture above shows the top of the USBee Protolyzer. Below are details on the features of the board.

1) System Power – Create the power supplies for your system here. Select either the USB VBus or an external 6V to 15V DC supply (sold separately, + center, - outside). Also select either 3.3V or 5V as your system voltage (Vport), which is used by many other features on the board.

2) USBee AX-Pro Test Pod – Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Signal Generator, Frequency Counter and more. Refer to the USBee AX Users Manual for details. Also includes Logic Probe LEDs to instantly see the state of logic levels.

3) Debug Center – Reconfigurable ports. Click on the schematic in the USBee Suite software to define what these ports become. Need an inverter? Done. Need an Op Amp? Done! See the details to the left of some of the physical devices available.

The Debug Center  

The Power of Reconfigurability

The Debug Center is like having an entire set of digital and analog electronic components available at your demand. Click on the Schematic in the USBee Suite to configure the Debug Center to the components you need in less than 10 seconds. Once you hear the whistle your new setting is active. Some of the types of components that can be selected are:

- Op Amps and Voltage Followers

- Comparators

- Programmable Gain Amplifiers

- Digital Logic (OR, AND, NAND, NOR, XOR, NOT, Multiplexers / Demultiplexers)

- D Flip Flops

- Logic Level Shifters

- And more

4) Volt Meters – measure up to 4 channels of DC voltage from GND to VPort. Great for battery monitoring, reference voltages and logic levels.

5) Edge Detectors – Detects if the signals ever cross the Vport/2 voltage threshold. Need to run a test over the long haul? Make it toggle a pin in the event of an error. These LEDS will then light if this event ever happens.

6) ASYNC Port – This port shows up as a COM port on the PC. Simply choose your baud rate and your device can send data to Hyperterminal, putty, etc., as well as be controlled by the PC. The COM port number is displayed in the USBee Suite Protolyzer Control Panel.

7) Function Generator – Create Sine, Triangle and Square waves at any frequency between 0 Hz and 10MHz. Uses a DDS with 24MHz clock to derive finely tuned frequencies. Sine and Triangle waves are GND to 3.3V. Square waves are GND to Vport.

8) Voltage Out – Set any voltage GND to VPort.

9) DIP Switches – with a selectable GND or Vport common

10) LEDs – GND is off, VPort is On.

11) Variable Resistors

12) Push Buttons – Normally Open

13) Slide Swithes – break before make

14) USBee Suite Control – Lets you capture traces, pan and zoom without leaving the Protolyzer. Also launch any file/url/app with a single press of the Macro key.

15) Power Supply Bar – choose from GND, 3.3V, 5V, VBus or Vjack

16) Solderless Breadboard – Great place to mount your design. Add pins to your design Vcc and GND and plug them into this board. Holds your board in place and lets you route power and ground easily.

17) USBee DX Test Pod (on DX Protolyzer model only) - 2 channel Oscilloscope, 16 channel Logic Analyzer, Signal Generator, Frequency Counter, Protocol Decoders for I2C, SPI, ASYNC, 1 Wire, CAN, USB, and more.  High level PacketPresenter Protocol Processor.

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USBee Protolyzer Control Panel

The heart of the USBee Protolyzer system is the USBee Protolyzer Control Panel. To access the Protolyzer Control Panel, run the USBee Suite software with the Protolyzer plugged into the PC. The software will auto-detect the presence of the Protolyzer and enable the Protolyzer Control Panel as shown above. Each section of the Control Panel controls a different part of the Protolyzer. With the control panel you have access to the following:

- Voltage Out level

- Frequency and Sine/Triangle setting

- Edge Detector states and clear

- VPort reading

- Volt Meter readings

- Logic Probe readings

- COM Port Settings

- Macro Key setting

- Debug Center Schematic. Click on the schematic to select the configuration as shown to the right.

- USBee DX or USBee AX Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Signal Generator. See the USBee DX/AX /Suite Users Manuals for more information.



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USBee AX Protolyzer

Test Equipment Features

  • Embedded USBee AX-Pro 1Ax8D Logic Analyzer/ Oscilloscope/ Signal Generator with standard oscilloscope probe (24Msps, 200+M samples)
  • 8 Logic Probe indicators for current signal state and activity (2V to 5V logic levels)
  • 4 channel voltmeter (0-5V)
  • 4 channel edge detector (2V to 5V logic levels)
  • USBee Suite control buttons (Capture, Pan and zoom) plus customizable macro key
  • Full integration with the USBee Suite Logic Analyzer/ Oscilloscope/ Protocol Analyzer PC software.

Prototyping Features

  • Dynamically Configurable Debug Center with Op Amps, Logic gates, Tri color LEDs, Buffers, Filters, ADCs, DACs, Counters, etc.
  • Solderless Breadboard
  • USB or external power supply with regulated 5V, 3.3V and variable reference voltage
  • SPDT switches
  • Push buttons
  • LED's
  • Sine/Triangle/Square wave generator (0-3.3V, 0Hz to 6MHz)
  • UART to PC interface (Virtual COM port)
  • Variable resistors (10K and 20K)
  • DIP switches

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USBee DX Protolyzer

Includes all USBee AX Protolyzer features PLUS:

  • USBee DX 2 Analog x 16 Digital Logic Analyzer/ Oscilloscope/ Signal Generator/ Protocol Analyzer (24Msps, 200+M samples)
  • Simultaneous Signal Generation and Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer operation
  • Slanted case
  • Two Standard 40MHz 1x/10x selectable oscilloscope probes
  • Digital Test Leads with 0.025” square sockets
  • Mini-gripper test clips for SMT or DIP components
  • Interconnection wire set
  • Carrying / Storage Case

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PC System Requirements

The USBee Protolyzers require the following minimum PC features:

  • Windows® 7, Vista, or XP operating system (32 or 64-bit)
  • Pentium or higher processor
  • One USB2.0 High Speed enabled port.  It will not run on USB 1.1 Full Speed ports.
  • 32MBytes of RAM
  • 125MBytes of Hard disk space
  • Internet Access (for software updates and technical support)

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