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USBee SX Logic Analyzer, Signal Generator
with SPI, I2C, Async, 1-Wire, CAN, USB, PS/2, Serial, I2S, SMBus
or your own Custom Decoders

Model Number:  USBEE-SX

The USBee SX Test Pod is a HUGE sample buffer PC and USB based multifunction logic analyzer and digital signal generator in a single compact and easy to use device and includes a powerful bus decoder that shows ASYNC, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, USB, CAN, I2S, SMBus, Sync Serial, PS/2 and even your own Custom Serial Bus data.  It is the ideal bench tool for engineers, hobbyists and students.

Price: $169

With thousands of users since its release in 2004, the USBee SX has set the standard and is now even better with the USBee Suite

USBee SX Features

The USBee SX Digital Test Pod combines state of the art design with easy to use PC software to give you a complete digital test bench in a small and affordable package. Connecting to your PC, the USBee SX Digital Test Pod uses the power and speed of the USB 2.0 High-Speed bus to capture and control information from your own hardware designs.

The USBee SX runs the following applications:

USBee Suite  


Signal Generator

Works with the USBee Suite Logic Analyzer Software

Easy to use Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope

The USBee Suite is powerful electronic signal analysis software for your USBee Test Pod.  It starts out as an easy to use Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope and adds serial bus decoding and world class configurability that lets you solve your electronic problems quickly!  Some of the serial busses that are decoded include: I2C, SPI, Async, USB, CAN, 1-Wire, PS/2, SMBus, I2S, Sync Serial and even your own Custom Busses.

World-Class User Interface

You look at a Logic Analyzer / Oscilloscope for extended lengths of time.  Why don't you make sure you can enjoy it at the same time?  The USBee Suite software lets you choose the look and feel of the interface and saves that information for when you come back to it again.

Best of all the USBee Suite Standard is Free!

The USBee Suite Standard is a free download and will run in Demo mode without a USBee, or on any USBee SX, USBee ZX, USBee AX-Standard, USBee AX-Plus, USBee AX-Pro, or USBee DX Test Pod.  So take it for a spin.  If it has been a while since you've used your USBee, pull it out of your pocket and experience the power of the USBee Suite.  

Upgrade to the USBee Suite Pro for State-of-the-Art Debugging Features!

The USBee Suite Pro builds upon the rich features set of the Standard version and adds high powered capabilities such as the PacketPresenter custom packet decoder, Smart Markers, enhanced PacketPresenter API for developers, annotation capabilites, enhanced acquisition control for repeated measurements, display control, analog channel scaling, analog bus decoding, and enhanced file importing and exporting.

More USBee Suite Details              Download                    Buy a USBee Pod

The USBee SX is a complete digital test bench in one compact and easy to use pod. Combined with the free, yet powerful, Windows® 7, Vista, XP and 2000 software the USBee SX is a deep buffer depth Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator.  Included in the Logic Analyzer module is a High Speed Asynchronous Serial bus decoder, SPI Bus decoder and I2C bus decoder.  The USBee SX comes with a 6 ft USB cable, highly flexible test leads and top quality test clips - everything you need to start debugging your design with your computer.

USBee SX takes advantage of already existing PC resources. The USBee SX pod streams data over the High-Speed USB bus to and from the PC, allowing the PC to perform all of the triggering and data storing. This makes possible an affordable USBee SX, while pushing the sample storage capabilities orders of magnitudes beyond that of traditional dedicated logic analyzers or signal generators. The USBee SX Digital Test Pod can utilize available PC memory as the sample buffer, allowing selectable sample depths from one to many hundreds of millions of samples.

Signal Generator Features

Included with the USBee SX is the Signal Generator software that lets you create digital waveforms using the USBee SX pod.

The Signal Generator software provides the following functions:

  • Tiny USBee Pod (2.1" x 1.3" x 0.5") connects to your hardware
  • USB 2.0 High Speed connects the pod to your PC
  • Signal Generator software runs on your PC
  • Generate Sample Rates (1Msps to 24Msps)
  • 8 channels
  • Sample Buffer: 1 million up to the available PC RAM (hundreds of millions)
  • Output Sample Clock
  • External Trigger Input
  • Waveform display lets you "Draw" the signals you want (above)
  • Save, Open and Print data and settings
  • Movable cursors for easy measurements
  • Can input files saved by the Logic Analyzer module to "playback" the capture

Perfect for your embedded  system debugging!

The USBee SX Digital Test Pod can capture and generate samples up to a maximum of 24 million samples per second depending on the PC configuration. The USBee SX Auto-Calibration feature automatically reduces the sample rate to ensure accurate and reliable timing, even on systems with slower processor and USB bus speeds.The USBee SX Digital Test Pod perfectly merged features and functions to provide exactly the performance needed for hardware and microprocessor designs such as BASIC Stamp and PIC systems to ensure an affordable and compact unit.

The USBee SX Digital Test Pod does not need an external power supply.  The USB bus supplies the power to the pod, so your PC will be supplying the power.  The Pod does, however, require a self powered hub (not bus powered) if a hub is used between the PC and Pod.

Each USBee SX Digital Test Pod package includes

  • USBee SX Universal Serial Bus Pod
  • Set of 11 multicolored test leads and high performance miniature test clips
  • Getting Started Guide
  • USB Cable (A to Mini-B)

Specifications for the USBee SX 

Maximum Sample Rate

24 Msps (*)

Number of Channels


Number of Samples

1 million samples up to available PC memory

Sample Rates

24Msps (*)

Trigger Prestore

10% to 90%

Trigger Poststore

90% to 10%

Sample Clock Output


Power Supply Outputs

Regulated +3.3V

Test Leads

11 9" leads with 0.025" square sockets

USB Cable Length

6 Feet


2.1" x 1.3" x 0.5"

Minigrip Test Clips


Channel Output Drive Current


Maximum Input Voltage


Input Low Level

< 0.8V

Input High Level

> 1.4V

Output Low Level

< 0.8V

Output High Level

> 2.4V

(*) Maximum sample rate depends on your PC hardware CPU speed and USB 2.0 bus utilization.  

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