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Software for your USBee: from $20 USD

Have a USBee or a Clone?  We are offering complete licenses to use our software with your device.  We have built special software that runs on all devices without limitation, so make sure you purchase this special version. 

USBee or Clone Software License

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The USBee Test Pods are a product invented in 1998 and was sold until the end of 2015.  Due to very successful clones being developed that utilize our USBee software, we had to close the business.  The USBee Test Pods are still, however, used around the globe and has a huge base of users that we want to support.  Although we are not making and selling the devices anymore, you can still get the clones from a million places on the web and buy our software below.    

Download EE101 Maker Now

Special Bonus after purchasing the USBee Software...

EE101 Insight-Maker

For Free. Yes, Free!


  • Perfect Compliment to the USBee
  • Next Generation in Embedded System Debugging
  • Debug faster than ANY logic analyzer
  • View firmware operation in real time
  • Unlimited duration captures
  • Captures Debug Data, I2C, UART, SPI data, Analog and Digital signals
  • Super easy to build and parts cost less than $13
  • ... the most used tool on our bench


EE101 Insight-Maker (Free!)

EE101 Insight-Pro ($369)

Logic Analyzer




Firmware Debugger

Sensor Data Logger


What is a USBee?

A USBee Test Pod is a full set of electronics test equipment in a small and easy to use computer connected device. The USBee shows you every level of your design from custom protocol fields and packets riding on your busses to the signals on the wires.  USBees provide Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Packet Analyzer, Signal Generator and Spectrum Analyzer functions that get you to the root of your design problems quickly and easily.   

You Solve Bugs Faster and Easier

The Only Deep Trace Analyzer that Shows You Everything from the Wire to Custom Protocol Fields

  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or Wi-Fi Connected
  • Mixed Signal Analog and Digital Input and Output
  • Oscilloscope
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Analog Signal Generator
  • Digital Pattern/Signal Generator
  • Protocol Decoder
  • Packet Analyzer
  • Frequency Counter
  • PWM Controller
  • Fully Programmable

Compare USBee Products

logic analyzer

USBee™ QX - The Ultimate Electronic Test Pod

The USBee QX Electronic Test Pod is the Ultimate PC-Based Programmable Multifunction Mixed Signal Oscilloscope - Logic Analyzer with I2C, SPI, Async, SDIO, 1-Wire, CAN protocol decoders, Digital Signal Generators, Frequency Counter, Spectrum Analyzer and integrated Protocol Analyzers in a compact and easy to use USBee Test Pod

USBee QX Product Details

logic analyzer

PacketPresenter™ Protocol Analyzer

Display bus traffic that is being transmitted between ICs or system components in a graphical, easy to understand packet format that can be customized to your specific design.

PacketPresenter Details

logic analyzer

USBee™ Professional Electronic Test Equipment

Programmable Multifunction Mixed Signal Oscilloscope - Logic Analyzer with I2C, SPI, Async, SDIO, 1-Wire, CAN protocol decoders, Digital Signal Generator, Frequency Counter and integrated Protocol Analyzers in a compact and easy to use USBee Test Pod

Professional Product Details

Our Award Winning Company

logic analyzerlogic analyzer

About Our Company

BusBee™ Serial Bus Monitor
and 4-Channel Logic Analyzer

Affordable I2C, SPI, Async, USB, CAN, 1-Wire, Sync Serial, and I2S bus data streaming to disk using the BusBee

BusBee Details

logic analyzer

USBee Suite™ Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope and Protocol Analyzer Software

Powerful Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope and Protocol Analyzer software for the USBee QX, USBee RX, USBee DX, USBee ZX and the USBee SX. See what it can do for you!

USBee Suite Details

What our Customers Say!

... I love your products! The USBee I have is by far the most useful tool that I use on *all* of my embedded projects.

What our Customers Say!

Our USBee has proven its worth many times over with its ease of operation and robust functionality. It is a valuable tool that is a must in any engineering development or integration project.

What our Customers Say!

I do LOVE the device! :-) What a time saver when validating/comparing multiple prototypes!

What our Customers Say!

The decoding features of the USBee let me simultaneously view several serial signals that are configured differently, have noise or other errors, etc. It has saved me so much time debugging and fine-tuning the embedded project I am working on. Thanks so much!

What our Customers Say!

I find the USBee tool very, very useful. It’s been used so many times to troubleshoot nagging timing problems. Thank you, thank you.

What our Customers Say!

THANK YOU so much for my usbee!! Works great! I soooo depend on this little guy...great product!! Thanks again!

What our Customers Say!

I would like to thank you for the great USBee-Tools. I'm using the tools quite often and they really are helpful and time saving.

What our Customers Say!

First of all I want you to know how useful I find your product. In short, it's great. Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work there in Temecula.

What the USBee Inventor Says!

I hope you share my passion for building great electronics, and that my USBee can help you in that endeavor as it has for so many people, including me!