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USBee Test Pods

We develop innovative electronics test equipment in a small, compact design with powerful, yet easy to use, application software. We are engineers obsessed with developing tools we always needed, tools that show how cool our designs are working, and tools that get us to the root of the problems so that everyone can go home to their families.

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USBee Products were honored by receiving the EE Times ACE Award for Best Test Equipment Product over products by Tektronics and Agilent. With total sales topping 20,000 units, the USBee has become a standard in Fortune 500 company laboratories throughout the world.

Our executive team, consisting of leaders in the USB industry, invented the USBee in 1997 .  We are a small team of experienced and dedicated professionals with extensive expertise in USB device development, computer systems, embedded system design, digital and analog hardware, communication systems, and application software development. Our offices are located in Temecula California in the heart of wine country.

We take great pride in our products and we hope you share our passion for building great electronics. We are confident that the USBee can help you in that endeavor as it has for so many people, including us!

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What our Customers Say!

... I love your products! The USBee I have is by far the most useful tool that I use on *all* of my embedded projects.

What our Customers Say!

Our USBee has proven its worth many times over with its ease of operation and robust functionality. It is a valuable tool that is a must in any engineering development or integration project.

What our Customers Say!

I do LOVE the device! :-) What a time saver when validating/comparing multiple prototypes!

What our Customers Say!

The decoding features of the USBee let me simultaneously view several serial signals that are configured differently, have noise or other errors, etc. It has saved me so much time debugging and fine-tuning the embedded project I am working on. Thanks so much!

What our Customers Say!

I find the USBee tool very, very useful. It’s been used so many times to troubleshoot nagging timing problems. Thank you, thank you.

What our Customers Say!

THANK YOU so much for my usbee!! Works great! I soooo depend on this little guy...great product!! Thanks again!

What our Customers Say!

I would like to thank you for the great USBee-Tools. I'm using the tools quite often and they really are helpful and time saving.

What our Customers Say!

First of all I want you to know how useful I find your product. In short, it's great. Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work there in Temecula.

What the USBee Inventor Says!

I hope you share my passion for building great electronics, and that my USBee can help you in that endeavor as it has for so many people, including me!