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Software for your USBee: from $20 USD

Have a USBee or a Clone?  We are offering complete licenses to use our software with your device.  We have built special software that runs on all devices without limitation, so make sure you purchase this special version. 

USBee or Clone Software License

USBee Downloads Archive

The USBee Test Pods are a product invented in 1998 and was sold until the end of 2015.  Due to very successful clones being developed that utilize our USBee software, we had to close the business.  The USBee Test Pods are still, however, used around the globe and has a huge base of users that we want to support.  Although we are not making and selling the devices anymore, you can still get the clones from a million places on the web and buy our software below.    

Download USBee Maker Now

Special Bonus after purchasing the USBee Software...

EE101 Insight-Maker

For Free. Yes, Free!


  • Perfect Compliment to the USBee
  • Next Generation in Embedded System Debugging
  • Debug faster than ANY logic analyzer
  • View firmware operation in real time
  • Unlimited duration captures
  • Captures Debug Data, I2C, UART, SPI data, Analog and Digital signals
  • Super easy to build and parts cost less than $13
  • ... the most used tool on our bench


EE101 Insight-Maker (Free!)

USBee Insight-Pro ($369)

Logic Analyzer




Firmware Debugger

Sensor Data Logger