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USBee Product Comparison Chart

Choosing the right USBee Test Pod for your application

Fast, Easy and Affordable debugging at every level of your design!
USBee Test Pods let you to design, prototype, test and debug your embedded electronic designs while saving you time, money and occasionally your job by finding the bugs that are critical to your products operation!

Choose from our powerful line of multifunction USBee test pods for debugging complex embedded designs. Each USBee comes with a unique set of features to satisfy your exact debugging needs.






Wired Interconnect 

USB 3.0 or USB 2.0  USB 2.0 

Wireless Interconnect 

WiFi 802.11b/g 

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope


Digital Channels



Max Sample Rate Digital

600 MS/s

600 MS/s

Fastest Digital Signal Measurable

300 MHz

300 MHz

Analog Channels



Max Sample Rate Analog

100 MS/s

100 MS/s

Analog Resolution

1.4 mV

11.7 mV

Analog Bandwidth (-3dB)

50 MHz

50 MHz

Max Sample Rate All Channels Sampling

100 MS/s

100 MS/s

Other Sample Rates (sps) - number of channels

200M - 16D
300M - 10D
600M - 4D
plus 100M on other channels

200M - 8D
300M - 5D
600M - 2D
plus 100M on other channels

Sample Buffer Depth

896M samples shared by all channels internal

558M samples shared by all channels internal

Streams to Disk or RAM

Up to 1T Samples to disk with optional QX Stream Module


Sample Compression

Maximum Capture Time all channels max speed max buffer

32 days
* depends on signal activity

16.3 days
* depends on signal activity

Analog Input Range

+/- 6V or+/- 60V

+/- 6V or+/- 60V


Quad 10-bit

Dual 10-bit

Digital Input Range

+/- 60V

+/- 60V

Logic Threshold

-1V to +2V

-1V to +2V

Time Synchronized Spectrum Analyzer
FFT Analysis

with optional USBee QX Suite Pro

Protocol Decoders

PacketPresenter Protocol Decoder

In-Line Bus Decoders

Protocol Field Value Graphing

with optional USBee QX Suite Pro

SDIO Decoder

USB Decoder

I2C Decoder

SPI Decoder

Async Decoder

CAN Decoder

I2S Decoder

1-Wire Decoder

SM Bus Decoder

PS/2 Decoder

Serial Decoder

Parallel Decoder

Custom Decoder API

Bus Data Extractors

USBee Suite Software

USBee RX Suite Supported

USBee Suite Standard Features Supported

USBee Suite Pro Features Supported

Analog Signal Generator

Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Square


1 to 227kHz

1 to 227kHz

Variable Min and Max Voltage Range

0V to 3V

0V to 3V

Digital Signal Generator

Arbitrary Digital Pattern Generator

Sample Frequency



PWM Controller

Remote Controller

Trigger Output


Data Logger

Digital Voltmeter

Frequency Counter

Pulse Counter

Programmable API

USBee Toolbuilder Source Code